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Olive oil has long been referred to as a 'healthy heart' oil, some say a superfood. Depending on which research you read, it does many other very beneficial things for the body. Considered a good fat, as is coconut & avocado oil, it is our main go-to oil for Simply Susan'scooking. So many to choose from eh!

We choose extra virgin to cook with & why not. If it is recommended to 'finish' with for it's great flavor, don't we want that same great flavor in our cooking.

Find one you like.. may be fruity, earthy..... the growing soil has much to do with the finished product...... and from which country- Spain is the largest producer, but Italy is best known for olive oil. However, Greece has won several recent worldwide awards for their olive oil.

Sample several & see which ones tickle your taste buds....

See you soon!

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