• Susan

a Successful Gluten-free Journey

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

I look back at my gluten free journey and think how the heck did I do this all by myself, especially at the beginning…..accidentally diagnosed…. heading up north for a 2 week vacation the next day……I thought well 2 more weeks won’t kill me…..until I did some research….and figured out that I have had these symptoms for over 25 years…..and what could be going on inside of me over these years……a shock to the system! FYI, I ate only rice cakes for the entire 2 weeks.

Luckily today, there are many more supports and great GF products available …..

For those of us that GF is not a lifestyle choice….we need to stick together & support each other in our journey.

Simply Susan’s was created from this thought…… another resource....a safe place to eat & to share knowledge & learn more about being gluten free. And eat some great GF food.

Come on by & see us!!!

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