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Happy Holiday GF Gift Shopping

Holiday gift giving in general can be daunting. I like to give food gifts, especially for that someone who 'has everything'. Picking up their favorite food items is always appreciated. As someone with celiac, I know GF foods can be confusing....

So.... some safe & yummy (I have taste-tested them all) approved food favs:

* SCHAR- hazelnut wafers- come in a small package for about $2. Schar also makes great graham crackers (think S'Mores). Their ciabatta rolls are also very good and the closest I have seen to a regular roll. All available at Walmart (I am not promoting Walmart. They just seem to have a lot of GF items).

* SKINNY POP POPCORN- a giant bag for about $5 at SAMS club....will last for several movies.

* EPIC jerky- comes in many types/flavors including beef, chicken, fish, turkey. Love them!

* GF PRETZELS- SNACK FACTORY and SNYDERS produce some mighty fine GF pretzels.

* REAL GOOD- this company makes GF and low carb foods. I love their pizzas (doctor them up with your fav ingredients) & they offer other frozen food items. I have seen them at Publix & Walmart.

* GF SNACK BOX- Amazon has several options for GF snack boxes with dozens of GF snack items. Great for college agers.

* PROTEIN BARS- QUEST bars are GF and sugar free/low carb. Many flavors, my favorite is the new hazelnut chocolate. I also love KIND bars... favorite being the slightly spicy Chili Dark Chocolate Almond.

* If you live near a specialty grocery store (think Earth Origins, Trader Joes, Whole Foods or the like), pay a visit & walk the isles to scout out GF products. You will be surprised at the many GF options. Snacks, sauces, salsas, boxed mixes, etc. Put together a fun GF food gift basket. I once put together a GF pasta basket that was filled with GF pastas of all types & manufacturers that was very much appreciated.

* MACARONS- not the coconut ones but the French ones.... come in many pretty colors & flavors.... a gluten free treat available at many stores, especially at holiday time (I have seen them at Publix, Walmart, SAMS) or online... little bites of chewy loveliness. As always check the box to ensure there are no gluten fillings/additives.

* CHOCOLATE- nothing like a good chocolate to cure what ails ya! Chocolate itself is GF but add ins & prep area may not be. ASK at the chocolate shop. My go-to chocolate is GF/sugar free/low carb, THE GOOD CHOCOLATE. Discovered it in San Francisco several years ago and never looked back. Available online, flavors include Himalayan salt, ginger & others.

* A GIFT CARD to a gluten free cafe/restaurant/coffee shop is a fun gift that you can enjoy with the receiver.

* AND WHEN IN DOUBT, there is always AMAZON....I love to shop local but some things you just can't find. Amazon does the job.

No matter how big or small, it is truly the thought that counts! How many times have you heard that. But it is true. I always appreciate something that is personalized to my taste buds, even if it is my favorite pack of gum!

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