• Susan


Ahhh the holidays.... fun fun fun and added stress for those of us with food allergies... but it doesn't have to be.....over the years I have finagled ways to lessen this stress (and stave off a week of gluten sickness). If you like to cook, muster up your culinary skills and offer to cook Tom turkey for the gang. Most turkeys now a days are GF but be sure as always, to checks labels. Sometimes gluten is used in the flavoring for the bird. I bet most will never be able to tell your feast is 100% gluten free.

OR if invited out to someone's home for the holidays, I always bring several dishes that I know are 'safe' that I can eat without worry! An appetizer and a side dish keeps me happy & full. I be sure to get my share of the appetizer 1st before glutenous hands caress the dish. I am also wary of serving utensils as a gluten laden roll may make it's way onto the spoon for the beans.

Now eating out is a different journey.....I am much more cautious here. If I know for sure, really really for sure, the eatery is 100% safe, no worries... but it's that old cross-contact worry that always nags me in the back of my head. So I often bring a little baggy with some cheese & GF crackers and I always have a GF bar in my possession for just such occasions.

So it can be done..... with a bit of planning....You got this!!!

Gobble Gobble to all!

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