• Susan

Cauliflower what @#$!!!!

What would you say if I told you that up until 2 1/2 years ago, I maybe cooked cauliflower once or twice? And that these days, I cook it 2-4 times a week...... and that I never cook it the same way! Low carb and tasty- how about a mashed potato substitute or roasted with miso drizzle or a cold cauli-tato salad? And so good as cauli- mac & cheese, cauli-fried rice or in paella. It is endless. Cauliflower has proven to be very versatile and lends itself to so many dishes and accepts many different flavors from around the globe. I love creating new dishes with it.

Try cauliflower!

Come on by Simply Susan's (opening soon) to see which cauliflower dish we are featuring. You will never be disappointed.

And keep an eye out for our culinary classes where we will highlight many ingredients/dishes, including cauliflower.

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