Meet founder Susan Weber.

Susan has always had a hankering for simple, yummy food which meant she had to learn to cook. A lifetime student of flavor, she has spent over 4 decades in culinary exploration, with journeys & studies in the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean and several European countries.


When Susan received her surprise diagnosis of Celiac's disease over a decade ago she decided there was no way she'd let it deter her from her flavor journey.  Gluten free or not, flavor runs supreme and has led down many a tasty path.


Susan’s professional career has spanned health consulting, wellness coaching, Gluten Free Educating and a Personal Fitness Chef certification.

Simply Susan’s represents the best of both savory and sweet, featuring a gluten free kitchen where the ongoing tinkering with ingredients provides a foundation for simple, flavorful cuisine.

So join us for the continuation of the ‘flavor journey’ at   

                          Simply Susan’s! 

Some of Susan's favorites...


Favorite ingredient?

Favorite spice?


Favorite herb?


Favorite oil?

Avocado oil

Favorite secret ingredient?

Sherry wine vinegar

Favorite dinner?


Favorite dessert?

Gingerbread cupcake

Favorite Italian dish?


Favorite salad?

Philly cheesesteak salad

Favorite veggie?

Roasted brussel sprouts

Favorite cheese?

Pecorino cheese

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