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Susan has had a passion for simple, yummy food her entire life.  Growing up she remembers the joys of gathering around the kitchen table eating home cooked meals with her family; it always amazed her the power food had to bring people together.  Susan knew this love for food and sense of togetherness was part of who she was, so she made it her life's work to explore all it has to offer.

"I consider myself a student of flavor.  I've had over 4 decades of culinary exploration with journeys and studies in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and many European countries."

It wasn't until Susan's Celiac's diagnosis over a decade ago when her passion hit the rocks.  No more gluten?  She panicked.

"It was like being told everything you love to eat is practically poison.  I was so disheartened.  But I also I knew I had to find a way to make it work." 


Through years of trial and error with different recipes and ingredients, Susan's perseverance lead her down a new path in her journey, one of rich flavors, genuine textures and the 100% exclusion of gluten.  

In addition to reinventing the way she cooked her favorite foods, Susan has also focused her professional career on helping others with their health and wellness, including consulting, coaching, and educating on the ways of gluten free living.  Susan is also a certified personal fitness chef, giving her a wealth of experience working closely with clients to determine which foods coincide best with their fitness habits.  Recently, her life's devotion has been sharing her knowledge and technique of shopping, cooking and eating gluten free with others going through similar experiences.

"Simply Susan’s represents the best of savory and sweet. Our gluten-free kitchen is where the ongoing tinkering with ingredients provides a foundation for simple, flavorful cuisine," says Susan.

We at Simply Susans invite you to join us on the flavor journey:

new food, new community, new outlook.